Have you ever hoped to own property in the United Sates? Tax deed properties might be an option to consider because in most cases the investment required is minimal. Tax deed properties are properties that are auctioned off by the county in Florida when an owner has not paid property taxes for several years.  These auctions provide a county with a means to recoup delinquent property taxes and interest liens placed on the properties during the term of non-payment.  Because these properties are sold to recover the amount of the unpaid taxes, they can often be purchased for much less than the property’s fair market value.


Halstead Homes Realty is experienced in buying tax deed properties and can assist you in buying these deeply discounted properties, no matter where in the world you are.  We can help you get the opportunity to owe a piece of the American dream.


After purchasing tax deed properties, purchasers often see a significant increase in the value of the property to the fair market value and may look to sell the property after successfully completing an action to quiet title to make the property more marketable.  Alternatively, a purchaser can hold on to the property for five years or more and then apply for a clear title. The process of clearing the title on tax deed properties further increases the value of the investment by making it fully marketable.  Further, from a investment standpoint, all indications now are that Florida real estate  is expected to continue to appreciate in value year after year in what is the most economically stable country to invest in real estate in the world, the United States.


Tax deed properties are sold at online auctions by the Clerk of Court in participating counties.  However, purchasing tax deed properties can be risky for the inexperienced.  They can be difficult to find because of all the phony websites offering riches from tax deeds. Further, the online auctions caution participants not to purchase without using a seasoned professionals.  Purchases through Halstead Homes Realty are with a Florida licensed real estate broker.  We take you straight to the source and guide you every step of the way.


Halstead Homes Realty has been buying tax deed properties for years and has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you buy these properties today.   We also help clients purchase tax deed properties as part of their retirement portfolio.


If you are interested in investing in this lucrative yet virtually untapped area of real estate or have any questions about tax deed properties, give Brian Halstead a call at 800-737-2071 EXT. # 2.